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Dear Sirs,
We are specialized in producing all kinds of semi-trailers(flatbed, skeleton, lowbed, drop side, tipping semi-trailer etc.), tipping truck, concrete mixer truck, sweeper truck, garbage truck and trailer axle(round or square beam, capacity from 8T-20T). For semi-trailer, we can supply SKD type and load the trailer's frame and spares into the containers.
We can produce the semi-trailer, special truck and trailer axle as the drawing and design of the customers.
Wish can cooperate with you.
Mr. Chen Feng(Sales Manager)
Qingte Group Co.,Ltd. 777 Zhengyang East Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao, China
Tel: +86 532 66916690
Cell:+86 139 64262856

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Dear Sirs , We Are Specialized In Producing All Kinds Of Semi-Trailers(Flatbed , Skeleton , Lowbed , Drop Side , Tipping Semi-Trailer Etc.) , Tipping Truck , Concrete Mixer Truck , Sweeper Truck , Garbage Truck And Trailer Axle(Round Or Square Beam , Capacity From 8T-20T). For Semi-Trailer , We Can Supply SKD Type And Load The Trailer's Frame And Spares Into The Containers. We Can Produce The Semi-Trailer , Special Truck And Trailer Axle As The Drawing And Design Of The Customers. Wish Can Cooperate With You. Thanks , Mr. Chen Feng(Sales Manager) Qingte Group Co. , Ltd. 777 Zhengyang East Road , Chengyang District , Qingdao , China Tel: +86 532 66916690 Cell:+86 139 64262856 Email: Cntrailer@Yahoo.Com MSN: Cntrailer@Hotmail.Com

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0086 532 66916690
777 Zhengyang East Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao, China

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flatbed container type semi-trailer
flatbed container type semi-trailer, flatbed semi-trailer, container semi-trailer,Basic parameter: 1、Type:QDT9401TJZ Tri-axle flatbed trailer Suit to tractor:6X4 2、OTO Size:12355X2480X1530 3、Tare weight:7880kg Payload:31900kg Total weight:39780kg 4、Wheel base:7000+1320+1320 Wheel track:1820/1820/1820 5、leaves of...
drop side semi-trailer
,drop side semi-trailer ,Basic parameter: 1、 Type:QDT9401 Guard board Semi-trailer(Capacity:50Tones) 2、 OTO Size:11890x2500x2650mm;Inner board size:11700x2339x600mm;(board can be made highly) 3、 I-beam size:Height: 500mm,Top/Bottom plate: 16mm,Web plate:8mm; 4、 Suspension:SAF...
lowbed semi-trailer
lowbed semi-trailer, lowbed semi-trailer,Basic Parameter: 1、Model:QDT9450TDP Tri-axle Lowbed Suited Tractor:6X4 2、Outline Size:12560x2600x2968 mm 3、Tare Weight:9000kg Pay Load:60000kg 4、Axle Distance:1310+1310 mm 5、Capacity of Each Axle:YUEK 13T;Leaves of Spring:7/7/7/7,Suspension: Overhang;...
rear tipping semi-trailer
rear tipping semi-trailer, tipping semi-trailer, rear tipping semi-trailer,Type: QDT9400ZHX, tri-axle rearing tipping semi-trailer, capacity:60t, suit to: 6x4 truck Axle: Yuek brand, 16t , 3pcs, Tire: 12R20,12pcs, Rim: 8.5-20,12pcs Suspension: SAF steel type(leaf: 14 mmX100 mmX 13leaves) Landing gear: JOST brand D200T linkage move. Spare tire bracket:...
skeleton semi-trailer
skeleton semi-trailer, skeleton semi-trailer, container semi-trailer,Basic parameter: 1、Type:QDT9400TJZG Tri-axle skeleton trailer Suit to tractor:6X4 2、OTO Size:12305X2480X11636 3、Tare weight:6600kg Rated Payload:33000kg Total weight:39600kg 4、Wheel base:7000+1320+1320 Wheel track:1820/1820/1820 5、Leaves of...

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